Shakeology Scam? Why I Love It!

According to Wikipedia, a scam is defined as “A confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence.”

Let’s take inventory of my experience with Shakeology:

  • July 6th, 2010 I ordered a bag of Shakeology Greenberry from Beachbody. Charged $119.85 for it.
  • July 13th, I was not in love with the flavor so i sent it back under their “Bottom of The Bag Guarantee”.
  • July 21st, I received a full refund. It took 2 weeks since Bank of America likes to sit on your money before crediting your account.
  • July 22nd, I ordered Shakeology Chocolate and joined the Home Direct program.

A year later I feel great, have more energy and has seen a marked improvement in my LDL and HDL levels.

Personally, I know that I am putting pure nature in my body.

I asked my father who has a PhD in Chemistry and a Master’s in Food Science from the University of California, Davis to weigh in.

He’s impressed at the quality and the ingredients that go into it.

That’s enough for me. If Shakeology is a scam, then I am glad I fell for it.


Pablo Bressan
Independent Team Beachbody Caoch
Miami, Florida